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Scratching your head about what to buy that tall person in your life? Whether you’re on the hunt for a birthday present, christmas gift or simply grabbing a tall mate something for their general awesomeness – we’ve got you covered.

Standing well above 6ft ourselves we’ve definitely encountered our own fair share of tall people problems that we wish could be solved. Unfortunately there is no product that’s really going to help us banging our head on stuff or looking less awkward in photographs, but what we can assure you of is that all these gift ideas for tall people are speaking from our own experiences of been vertically gifted and trying to make our lives that little bit easier…

15. A decent sized mugbig-hug-mug

Let’s start out this list where a lot of people likely start their mornings, with a cup of coffee. Naturally, big hands come with the territory of being a giant, coincidentally they’re also the reason we’re the only ones that can comfortably operate those massive iPhone 6+s but that’s another story… I was completely oblivious to the whole ‘small mugs/cups been an issue’ until my girlfriend purchased me an oversized mug last year. There is actually no way I would ever purchase a regular sized mug again. Not only does it feel a HEAP nicer to hold with larger hands but it’s also a lot more robust and best of all – holds more coffee!


14. Shower-head extender

In an ideal ‘tall world’ there would be a maintenance person that would come around to your house; raise all the benches, mirrors, doorways and showers to be more size appropriate, but unless you’ve got Lebron James kind of money that’s just unrealistic… There’s two reasons that a shower-head extender is a great present idea:

  • Your tall mate will now be able to stand under the shower rather than above it.
  • It’ll give you the opportunity you’ve been looking for to get to the hardware store and replace all those blown lightbulbs.

13. A bigger bedinflatable

This would no doubt be number 1 on our list, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s pretty darn strange buying a bed for someone else, especially on a whim. Truth be told though we’d all love to receive a bigger sized bed with a bow around it for our birthday. You’ll definitely earn yourself a massive hug for the awesome present, even if it’s quickly followed by a disappointed “I can’t fit a larger bed in my shoebox sized room”…

Our recommendation: If you’re looking for a more practical solution than purchasing someone a new mattress that costs a lot in transport why not look at some of these fast inflatable mattresses. They are close to 230cm in length so definitely long enough and also more practical than hammocks for taller people.



12. Longer blanket

Whilst we’re on the subject of tall person problem numero uno of your feet hanging off the end of the bed, let’s look at a slightly more affordable alternative to buying someone a brand new king-size bed just to keep their feet warm at night. Blankets or doonas, duvets or covers depending where you come from… do come in giant-friendly longer length sizes so that your vertically gifted friend or lover will be able to keep their feet covered on those cold winter nights.

11. Roost Stand

If you’re like a good majority of the working population and spend your days staring at a computer screen than you’re no doubt aware of how sore your neck can get if you’re hunching over for hours at end. Well spare a moment for all the tall office workers out there because the whole hunching / neck-craning problem is ten-fold for us. Whilst computer screen raisers are certainly nothing new, we are especially fond of the Roost Stand which is super lightweight and portable and offers a great solution to been hunched over your laptop for hours on end. I was given one of these brilliant contraptions just a few months ago and have not looked back. Folds up to be no larger than a 30cm length of garden hose and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.50.50 pm


10. Tall Cutting Boardtall cutting board

Whether you spend hours each evening preparing meals in the kitchen or are simply making some sandwiches to pack to work there is no denying that hunching over the bench is not pleasant! There are a whole host of contraptions that will make home life for taller people easier and one of our favourite is the raised tall-friendly cutting board. No more hunching over and best of all it’s easy to scrape vegetables or meat that you’ve chopped up off the edge in to a saucepan.

You can read more about the cutting board here.

9. Knee-Defenders (Airplane gifts)

This is a bit of a cheeky one really, but that’s what makes it such a great gift idea! You may have heard about them in the news in recent months but in case you haven’t we’ll explain. The knee-defender attaches to the back of the person in fronts aeroplane seat disabling them from reclining their chair at all. Whilst they are certainly a knee life saver for all the bigger blokes out there, they are also likely to cause an argument with the person in front so if you’re wary feel free to check out our other travel tips for tall people that might give you some gift ideas for your large friend.

8. Camping Gear

Is the friend that you’re wanting to buy a present for in to the outdoors at all? If so, there are a whole host of potential things to buy them such as:

  • longer length trekking/ski poles
  • tent with more height/length
  • bigger sized air mattress

Or if you’re looking for good sleeping bags for tall people we wrote a blog post about our favourite ones recently for you to check out.

7. Height Hat

What the heck is a height hat you ask? Don’t worry we were asking the same thing. There is definitely not a more annoying business-cards-giftquestion to be asked as a giant than “how tall are you exactly?” It’s not just the frequency that makes it an irritating question to be asked but more so the fact that no matter what answer you give, they will probe you for what that is in the old system. Give them centimetres and they will want inches, give them inches and they will want centimetres kind of thing…

The height hat is a novelty item and perfect if your friend who it is intended for has a sense of humour. It is simply a customised hat that has your height on the front of it to remove any chance of people asking you the question. Maybe it’s a good hat to wear out of the house when you’re hungover or don’t feel like talking to anyone. If your friend doesn’t wear hats then we have also seen similar novelty business cards.

6. Massage Voucher

This one doesn’t really need an explanation, who in their right mind wouldn’t love a massage voucher!? If your lanky friend suffers from back problems like a lot of us taller folk do than it would definitely be a great idea to research in to a massage parlour that specialises in back massages.

5. Big Chair

Usually when you hear people over 6ft complain about chairs it’s due to the legroom. Been cramped on buses aeroplanes etc. What you may not hear too often about but is definitely a serious issue is the actual size and proportions of the chair. Nowadays most of us spend a lot of time sitting down, whether it’s at work or when you come home to relax it’s a luxury to have a chair that accommodates for your larger torso and limbs.

Your tall friend would certainly appreciate you for buying them an office chair with a high back and deeper seat that is more comfortable for them to work from. They would absolutely love you on the other hand if you can afford to dig a little deeper in to your wallet and buy them one of those massaging lounge chairs…worth putting it out there anyway 😛

4. Extension Handles

This tall person gift idea is a bit more of a life-hack than one that you would expect to be recommended at your local department store. So what are extension handles you ask? If the giant in your life ever pushes a pram/stroller, wheels around a wheel-barrow or even a lawn-mower than this handy tip will help them from hunching over.

Te extension handles are similar to the ones that you would see on a racing bike and help extend the height of whatever they are pushing so they are not so hunched over – a life saver!

3. Tall-Fit Clothing

Of course we’re going to recommend tall-fit clothing as a great present idea. That’s not just because we specialise in it at Plus 2 Clothing but also because if you ask any big person what they struggle to buy in sizes that fit and it will surely top their list.

We carry a wide range of tall t shirts, hoodies and singlets to cater for your needs depending on what season it is. We also ship worldwide with great rates around the globe. Feel free to drop us a line on our contact us page should you have any further questions about making sure you get the sizing right if you’re buying clothing as a gift for someone 🙂


2. Big Socks

The safest option for any present idea (particularly for men) is always said to be socks and jocks and with sizeable people nothing changes… except of course the size of sock required.

If you’re over 6foot you no doubt have larger sized feet and some big sized socks will definitely be appreciated. The other socks that are great to have gifted but are rarely purchased for yourself are compression socks. These help taller people on longer flights with their legroom problems with helping the circulation of blood in your legs.

And finally our Number 1 Gift Idea for Tall People…

1. Extra Long Towel

This is a bit of no brainer really, if you’re a larger person you require a larger towel. All too often is the case however that people just make do with regular sized towels no matter their body shape and size. This is why it makes a great present idea because they have unlikely purchased one for themselves but will most definitely appreciate you making their drying routine after shower/bath/beach swim all that much more pleasant!

Have a better suggestion or question to ask us? Feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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Scoop Neck Tall Tees

scoop_blackRocky your everyday style with the scoop-neck tall tees! Built for the confident, stylish male, this t-shirt is one massive wear to make a statement on the street.




Tall tees started out as a hip-hop favorite, but are now popular everywhere around the world. In fact, tall tees happen to be one of the most popular clothing styles in 2017.

Made in Australia and weaved from 100% cotton, this scoop neck is a long-lasting, quality fashion accessory. It’s a superb addition to your wardrobe, featuring a scoop cut neckline and a breast pocket. Unleash your best with the perfect staple tall tees going out this summer.

Multiple sizes and colours

Choose from an extensive variety of colors and sizes to suit your individual preferences. When it comes to style, tall-tee-all-bannerdifferent colours convey different meanings. Black is the colour of power and authority. White is the colour of new beginnings. Blue is the colour of trust, loyalty, and intelligence. Go for a size that fits snugly, and a colour that embodies your values and beliefs. Couple this tall tee with a casual jacket and skinny jeans for the ultimate streetwear style.

Why Scoop Neck tall tees rock

Tall tees are a contemporary and timeless style that has its roots in hip hop. Back in the days, tall tees were associated with street corner drug dealers. It was the hip-hop dress code. Fast-forward to today and this has complementary changed. This style has been revolutionized and popularized around the world. It now fits perfectly well in the snowboarding mountainside, the modern city street, and the semi-formal workplace. Since the scoop neck tall tees are a tall cut without the excessive length, they contribute to a nice slim look. And because they are designed from pure cotton, these tees also won’t shrink in the wash. The fancy breast pocket serves as a great home for your sunnies/smokes. The fact that these tall tees also aren’t covered in prints or exaggerated graffiti means that they layer perfectly with any jacket in your wardrobe.

The classic short sleeve

There’s no question that the classic short sleeve this t-shirt comes with has plenty going for it. It gives the impression of a simplistic style that’s easy to pair up with shorts, jeans, and trousers. You can add a shirt as a layer on top, and it blends perfectly well with any jacket. Take advantage of a vibrant style that works in different situations.

Ditch those low-quality t-shirts and settle on the scoop neck tall tees, it’s not just any scoop neck t shirt you’ve seen in the shops, these are tall tees that have been thoroughly tested to ensure quality. It fits snugly and feels soft on the skin. If you’re looking for something that makes you look taller and more confident, the scoop neck will just suffice. You can try pairing this tee with different colours and styles of skinny jeans and jackets. Revolutionise your style with quality casual wear that will remain bold for years. Buy affordable and enjoy the swag! Available in all genders may it be men’s scoop neck t shirt, long t shirts mens or ladies scoop neck tee shirts and long t shirts women’s.

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Long Sleeve Tall Tees

White-Long-Sleeve-Tall-Tee-FrontThe long sleeve tall tees are the perfect all-purpose and versatile piece of clothing to make a unique style statement this year.



Available in a comprehensive, comfortable fit, this tee is a great way to rock your casual style. Whether you’re looking to try the trendy extensive layering style, or just looking for a cover-all tall tee that can come in handy all season long, this is the way to go.



Get the perfect deal

If you’re a taller person looking to save on wardrobe basics, the long sleeve tall tees might be the perfect accessory for you. You can particularly pack this tee for snowboarding or skating fun this season. When worn with skinny jeans and other matching articles, this tee accentuates your streetwear style, any day.

Tall people have many frustrations especially when it comes to shopping for clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. If you’re out looking for the well-fitting urban classics or large tall long sleeve t shirts this long sleeve tall tee saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Rock your style 

Designed from the finest cotton, this tall tee is high quality and long lasting. It contributes to a leaner silhouette to longline-mens-t-shirts-fashion-2016-urban-clothing-kpop-plain-white-extended-long-sleeve-t-shirt-jpg_640x640cater for your tall frame. Comes in black and white colours that blend to your style needs all seasons long. Black is the colour of power and authority. It communicates confidence and intelligence. Black is the ‘absence of colour’. That explains why black attire blends well with virtually any other colour. On the other hand, white is the colour of wholeness, purity, and completion. It’s also associated with new beginnings – a blank canvas just waiting to be written on. Also works great with diverse other colours so you really have no shortage of styles to choose from.


How to wear

This tall tee is the perfect mid-layer for styling under an indigo denim jacket or a bomber jacket so you can add a fresh urban edge to your everyday dressing. These big and tall long sleeve t shirts are ideal for wearing with skinny pants. If worn with oversized pants, you simply get that ‘90s off-look. Bring your confidence along for the perfect appeal on the street or elsewhere. Long sleeve tall tees are meant to be worn with confidence. If you’re still second-guessing whether this is a style for you, you might want to forego it altogether.

Go for enduring quality

This long sleeved tee/long sleeve t shirts tall, is designed from 100% cotton that feels great on the skin and endures years of use. Whether you’re packing up for some mountain-side fun, or just looking for a contemporary piece of style to rock on a free Saturday afternoon, the long sleeved tall tee will do it for you. It can perfectly be worn with balmy base-layers, snowboard hoodies, or jumpers. So you really have no excuse not to take advantage of this timeless style! Are you looking for big and tall long sleeve t shirts? Find one here.

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Crew Neck Tall Tees

9347385291953-26717This simple but trim tall tee blends quite well with multiple other items of clothing and looks just great whether on the street or at the semi-formal workplace.




The Crew Neck Tall Tee will come in handy anywhere, any day, whether you’re looking to get on those skateboards, or simply enjoy some cool outdoor time on a Saturday afternoon.

A wardrobe must-have

Cut for the taller guy, this soft stretch tall tee provides daylong comfort, as well as the versatility to either layer or leave as is. It fits great to accentuate your lean form, and works perfectly for different types of occasions, from casual to party and work.fed6401b994003fa74d9ae6ce49e2fc5

The Crew Neck Tall Tee  is a basic staple that you should have in your wardrobe. This is the simple, neat and compatible article of clothing you can always turn to when a T-Shirt is what you want to wear. The Crew Neck Tall Tee is a great choice for first-timers looking to get started with tall tees. You’ll probably be surprised how versatile it is for the everyday or once-in-a-while casual look.

Choose from a variety

Choose from a variety of styles and sizes (from small to very large). This tall tee is available in a wide range of colours, giving you the freedom to select what works great for your frame. You may go for the Black, Navy, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, or Maroon colours.

Black is the colour of power and authority. On the negative side, it denotes sadness, conservativeness, and secrecy. If you’re looking for a casual colour that’ll simply help you stand out, you might want to settle on the black tee.



Simply go for a colour that you think looks great on you! The crew neck shirt with colour that you love to wear.


How to wear

Tall tees are a meaty trend. There’s a growing appetite for stylish tall pieces. All you need to do is simply pick a style that suits your build. The long length is the hallmark of the crew neck tall tee. Yes, it could look like a dress, but longline has been catapulted into pop culture.

Long tees are a rather contemporary, fashion-forward silhouette. It’s a great way to bring that timeless style to your wardrobe. Tall tees are best paired with either slim or skinny legwear to create the impression of contrast. Oversizing the pants as well is a sure-fire way to get yourself back to the 1990s, which is no good at all. Keep in mind that simplicity is key when choosing how to wear your tall tee. Ditch the extravagant typography and baroque patterns and go for this simplistic piece to make a statement without overcomplicating things. Confidence is crucial to good style, more so when doing a long t-shirt.

This tee isn’t limited to only one gender, there are women’s crew neck tee shirts and men’s crew neck tee shirts. So couples could wear this as their couple shirt, and it would look very cute.

Go for stylish comfort 

The soft premium cloth feels great on the skin, and you’ll probably want several pieces of different colours in your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a simple everyday style with unbridled comfort, the Crew Neck Tall Tee leaves nothing to chance!

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Trending in 2017 Fashion

9347385291953-26717The 2016 fashion scene was action-packed with scores of designer debuts.

But 2017 will take fashion back to the drawing board. The conventional confident look will be re-defined with exaggerated lines, graphic prints and metallic effects. Popular new colours from sunshine yellow and bright candy pink will make their way to everyday style, making the streets even more colourful. Colour and light are going to have a big say in what fashion will look like in 2017. From sporty neon to slogan tees, splashes and full sleeves, this is what’s trending in 2017 fashion.




Astonishing Pink

Pink will be trending in 2017 fashion. We’re going to see a lot of candy pink, deep cherry, baby and raspberry pink. There’s going to be a whole new way to see fashion through rose-tinted glasses, and a lot of top designers have already committed to making brilliant pieces out of pink’s wonders.



Masculine vs Feminine Tug

The tug of war between masculine and feminine becomes centre stage in 2017. Designers will increasingly use masculine features to accentuate certain feminine aspects. This is going to lead to gender ambiguity, making a lack of particular sexuality the new norm. This trend is likely going to be big on suits, boots and sweaters. Ralph Lauren has already pioneered a fantastic check blazer and comfy fit pants, and a shirt paired with a tie ensemble.



Extensive Layering

More and more layers – this is going to be an evident trend in 2017. People will want to keep warm through fall and winter, and extensive layering will help them do so without losing their style. For men, layering might include wearing a sweatshirt inside a tall tee. Already, fashionable men are wearing several layers of long t-shirts for a unique hip-hop appeal. But this trend is going to transcend borders in 2017. Ladies will probably throw transparent lace dresses over bandeau tops and masculine pants. Different looks will be thrown together to make one.oversized_streetwear_shorts_grande
Oversized Shoulders

Square shoulders have been rampant in 2016, and they are still going to be a trending style in 2017.  This will manifest in the form of strict suit jackets with an exaggerated shoulder to form a new form of elegance and movement.


Trench Coat 2.0

Fashion has always been about reinterpretation. Sometimes, even the basics ought to be reinvented. The trench coat 2.0 is a new, modern way of doing the trench coat, and this is going to be a big fashion trend in 2017. Different trend coats by leading designers will have varying personal stamps. They will make a classic addition to the wardrobe.



Back to the ‘80s

80s Men Fashion Trends

A lot of ‘70s fashion has been done in 2016. Slowly, we are transitioning to the ‘80s. There’s going to be a lot of enjoyable retroes looks. Contrasting prints, graffiti, and animal tones are going to be more common.







Couture Hikers

The great outdoors will become more ‘everyday’. Designers are already taking the road less travelled with backpacks, windcheaters, walking sandals and hats. A lot of items likely to be seen on a hiking or camping trail will become street wear. There’s going to be an entire collection around this theme.



The Backpack

Sportswear is gaining more ground each new season, and this is definitely going to be a prominent trend come 2017. There will be innovative new backpack design for diverse uses, from everyday go-to-work to air travel. Backpackers will be able to take their style game everywhere they go.




Designers are not leaving everything to chance when it comes to all-in-one wear. From laidback mechanical chic to fighter pilot, jumpsuits and boilersuits will be a big trend in 2017. These garments will be a creative way to make a bold fashion statement while stealing the styles of workmen in their workhouses.



Loads of Leather

Leather jackets, leather tops and everything in between has always been great. It seems the market still hasn’t had enough of leather anyway. 2017 will be characterised by long leather coats in diverse colours.



Super Long Coats

In 2016, we have seen new coats made of different materials such as colourful faux furs, suede and leather. But another coat-related trend appears to be in the offing – length. Designers are making longer and longer coats, specially made to appeal to those who live in colder areas. From military-style coats to gorgeous brown leather, longer coats will be the norm.

Based on these fashion trends, it appears that 2017 will surely be a year of wonders! New garment designs will bring a lot of contrast to your wardrobe, emboldening your style statement all the same.

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Popular 2017 Colors (Trending Colors)

chuchu2016 was, by all means, a great year in both colour and fashion.


The major fashion events were really worth it, from New York to London, Paris, Milan and Melbourne. Top designers and artists worked hard to make their contributions, and their efforts were not in vain. After combing the runways and multiple large shows held in different parts of the world, time is ripe to filter out the major shades that are going to be popular in 2017. Below is our list of the top trending colours in 2017.

  • Riverside – this is a calming blue shade that’s stuck between vibrant cobalt blue and navy blue. It’s predominantly a fall/winter colour that is going to be well adopted and immensely popular over the next one year or so. Riverside gives the impression of confidence and tenacity, while at the same time eliciting a feel of excitement and sophistication in most people. This shade works pretty well with any other colour, which has made many fashion designers consider including it in their upcoming collections. There’s no doubt that riverside can live up to the high expectations.


Plain Navy Blue Tall Tee_front

  •  Airy blue – the blue dynasty doesn’t stop with riverside. In the next one year or so, airy blue will become commonplace. This colour has already made a magical touch on the global fashion scene in 2016, but even greater things are coming in 2017. Riverside and airy blue will no doubt govern over other members of the blue club. While riverside has a lot to do with confidence and stability, airy blue represents tranquillity, freedom, and weightlessness. It blends perfectly well with riverside and works great with Lush Meadow, Dusty Cedar, Taupe, and other colours that are currently trending.





  • Sharkskin – from fashion to real estate and art, the grey palette has never ceased to flatter. This colour made a powerful entry into the 2016 fashion scene. Its popularity is growing at an incredible rate, with many popular fashion designers releasing garments in its tribute. Sharkskin works great all over the map whether with muted or bright shades. It’s a cool new colour for everyday life and special occasions that is going to be massive in 2017. Sharkskin is rather a fall/winter colour trend that will add a unique dimension to our wardrobe collection soon.




  • Aurora red – this popular 2017 colour can offer diverse oceans of red ranging from carmine to burgundy and scarlet. It’s one of the trendiest colours available right now. Aurora red is basically a combination of bold red with some warm and sensual undertones. It’s not as bold as burgundy, not as vibrant as crimson, but it packs its own mysterious dust. We are going to be able to add a feel of metaphorical blood to our garments and footwear soon with Aurora. More so, a combination of this colour with sharkskin seems to be incredibly appealing. There’ll be a lot of creativity surrounding this colour in the coming few years.





  • Warm Taupe – this is another fantastic stability and reassurance evoking colour that will make the fall/winter season dramatic. Neutral Warm Taupe comes across the board as trustable, grounded and appealing enough to be compared with any of the other colours on this page. Warm Taupe is massively a trench coat colour. Top designers such as Ralph Lauren are already combining it with other tape shades (either lighter or darker) for a unique feel. In 2017, there will be many new pieces taking advantage of this colour, from spectacular long coats to splendid tulle gowns that’ll throw anyone into equilibrium.


  • Dusty Cedar – this is a warm, welcoming shade of muted pink that’s among the most popular 2017 colours. Scores of top fashion designers have already embraced this fantastic shade into their new masterpieces. Over the next one year or so, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of it in skirt suits and long coats.


  • Buttercup – this is a brilliant and uplifting shade of yellow that’s sure to take the market by storm in 2017. It gives the impression of a happy, sunny day, and has already been seen on works by Christian Dior and Charlize Theron.


  • Green Flash – how about a shade of green that comes represents openness, uniqueness, and unexpectedness. Green Flash is undoubtedly one of the most popular 2017 colours. Already, it’s been seen on Rosie Assoulin and Solange Knowles works. Many other designers are working to see what best they can mint in this spring trending colour.

Want to keep your eye open for top new designs in these trending colours? Stay put; we’re pretty sure there’ll be many of them in the next few months!

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Black on Black (Clothing)

scoop_blackBlack on black is a fashion essential.

It’s one style that really makes everyone looks amazing. It’s no wonder that various brands around the world have implemented dress codes that revolve around black. Celebrities are sporting the all-black look when walking down the street and the red carpet. Black comes across as slimming and elegant. It blends with all skin tones, looks good with all hair colours, and works well for both men and women. It’s certainly one style you should learn to integrate into your wardrobe.




Meaning of Colour Black

There’s a special relationship between colour psychology and the meaning of various styles. If you want to understand why people look the way they do in various outfits, understand what message different colours convey. The colour black is associated with strength, power, authority, formality, elegance, aggression and sophistication on the positive side. On the negative side, it’s associated with fear, evil, death, and rebellion. Black iswhat-your-clothing-color-say-color-and-it-meaning-mens-usa-4-638 considered to be one colour that should be there for all other colours to have depth. It’s a mystery by itself. Black on black clothing creates an inconspicuous feeling that affects both the body and mind. It also boosts confidence in appearance and increases your sense of potential. Similarly, it also produces feelings of gloom, sadness or emptiness. There’s no shortage of creative ways in which you can sport an all black outfit to communicate various messages depending on the event you’re attending. If you know how to wear it well, black can work great, from the street all the way to the formal office style.



The Rules

Black on black clothing can be fantastic. However, they can also be boring and one-dimensional. To make sure that you get it right, keep the following rules in mind:

  • Vary the fabrics and textures – nothing looks more unfashionable than an all-black outfit that’s all cotton.
  • Make a season appropriate fabric selection – a black woollen dress might look great in the fall, but dowdier in the summer. During the warmer months of the year, you might want to go for silk and linen fabrics.
  • Fit becomes essential – when putting on black on black clothing, fit becomes more important. Keep in mind that black is slimming, so you want the clothes to be more fitted and flattering as opposed to drab and shapeless.
  • Spice in with some accessories – black outfits look great when combined with bold colourful jewellery to make a statement.
  • Caring – how you care for your black outfits also counts. If you regularly launder your outfits, consider dry cleaning the dark or black ones. If you’re washing black cotton clothing at home, you may want to pour in a cup of vinegar every first time you’re washing an item.


When to Wear

There are many ways to make a fantastic outfit with black on black clothing. Check out and experiment with the tips below:

  • For a cool, understated appeal – everyday black on black clothing can make an impression. Black has a way of making otherwise casual garments look ‘put together’. For instance, you might try black t-shirts, shorts, jeans, socks, skirts, tennis shoes, baseball caps, etc. You might want to make the belt or shoes a different colour so that you don’t end up looking ‘formless’.
  • For a semi-formal intellectual look – if you’re trying to look ‘artistic’ or ‘bookish’, black can be a perfect choice. Consider black turtlenecks, flannel shirts, scarves, glasses, old blazers, jewellery, accessories, berets, makeup, boots, etc. Antique-style accessories tend to go very well with black on black outfits, so bringing in that out-of-fashion scarf from the 70s can be a game-changer.
  • For a serious occasion – black is the colour you want to bet on for any formal occasion. Nice black clothing is appropriate for formal events from weddings to funerals. Put on that black suit and couple it with scarves, cufflinks, and leather shoes.
  • For a sleek look – black doesn’t disappoint, especially when you’re looking for that form-fitting sleek look. Black outfits tend to absorb light, giving you a slimmer look that similar coloured clothing. If you want to play up your lean and athletic features every once in a while, this is the way to go!

These tips should get you going if you want to try out that all-black outfit. Be careful about wearing black outfits when it’s hot outside. Black tends to absorb more heat and light than any other colour, which means that you might feel hotter than it actually is!
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Tall People Problems

webBeing tall in real life can be more of a chore than a joy.

Many people consider being tall as a blessing from the creator. Tall people are often taken advantage of by short people. They are asked to grab things from the top shelf in a supermarket, and sometimes even have their heads ‘chopped off’ from

Many people consider being tall as a blessing from the creator. Tall people are often taken advantage of by short people. They are asked to grab things from the top shelf in a supermarket, and sometimes even have their heads ‘chopped off’ from a ground photo! Tall people tend to have a big problem when it comes to clothes and fashion since most of the high street clothes come up a little short. Here some problems faced by tall people especially fashion-wise.




8718602660394_-_feat2732Shirts always comes untucked

It can be very embarrassing when your shirt stays tucked in the front and back but exposes the top of your hips on the sides! To avoid the shame you should style your short shirt with a higher-waisted bottom for better fitting. When shopping around for your shirts you should give them more than “arms up” test to avoid this tall people problem, or just simply buy a tall t-shirt here.






Finding a nice shoe can be a total nightmare

Scoping out the selection of size 10 and up in a sales rack can be so bleak. If you are tall, the brick-and-mortar stores are not your friends you should just shop online to find the brand you want. If the brand you want is new it’s necessary to take a trip to the store in person and try on all shoes available in your size. This will give you an idea of how they fit before you actually seal the deal!



Jackets that fit your shoulders do not fit your arms

Tall women end up buying men pieces since they fit them better. Men coat sleeves are usually longer than those on women coats so women go for the men jackets and have them tailored to create a more feminine silhouette and life goes on. To avoid much shame tall women invest in some longer gloves to help them shield their wrists from the cold. They undergo a lot of stress trying to look beautiful and sexy.


Crop tops looks sexier than you want them to

Most tall women find themselves staring at the mirror wondering how the top they were trying on turned into lingerie. They go through a lot of hassle shopping for tops that will reduce the amount of exposed midriff in their look and to avoid showing their stomach. Tall women should stick with boxier crop tops in order for them to get theentire waist –defining advantage.



All t-shirts, sweaters or sweatshirt you try on ends up exposing your stomachmaxresdefault

Tall people feel like every top in the world shrank in the dryer since none seems to fit them. There is no way you can make your tops longer. For better fitting, you should switch to higher-rise jeans and skirts that fit your natural waist and it will help you gap in your outfit.



Some tall people movements are hard

Tall people consider their height to be a blessing since there are so many advantages attached to it. However, they have realized that when it comes to calisthenics movements their height can be a curse. Practicing these movements together with shorter people and seeing them progress at a faster rate makes tall people feel worthless and out of place. You should not give up on things in life. Simply challenge these feelings in a positive way.



Caressing is always clumsy980x

For tall people, cheek kisses are not their type of greeting. Hugs for them feel like a clamp,   they have to lean down really low if their partners are much shorter. A partner to a tall person has to stand up on tip toes when kissing which is irritating sometimes. It’s also so hard for tall people to side-hug a shorter person since they clasp you around the waist or lean too low to place your arms around their shoulders.





Pants turn to capris

For tall people, their cozy pajamas turn into capris after their first wash. High-waited shorts are not their thing either and dresses appear to be shirts on you. Your shirts never appear to have the right sleeve and collar length as well. People consider bare ankles trendy nowadays but its damn cold in winter! Tall people look confused on what to buy in a shoe or cloth stores since nothing looks good on them which is really disappointing.




The struggle is real for any tall person! But the benefits outweigh the difficulties and that’s why you should never use your height as an excuse not to do something. We all know that consistent work gives the results you are looking for as long as you don’t give up and you willing to try the most disappointing thing in your life. Don’t limit yourself because of your height. Find those designs that you love and rock them on!

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Streetwear Style

smart-urban-streetwear-urban-clothes-1170x567Urban or not, streetwear should now be on your fashion radar.

If you’ve been dosing on official tailored articles of clothing over the last few years, you might find it pretty intimidating incorporating streetwear into your regimen. But there’s an element of appeal to streetwear; think those gleaming white sneakers, a sweatshirt and perhaps a varsity jacket. Streetwear is increasingly infiltrating the world of high-end style. There are many diverse ways you can import it to your wardrobe, and you’ll probably be amazed how you can sport a unique, stylish look with little effort.


shop-blank-tall-tees-bannerGet Some Tall Tees

Tall t-shirts have a lot to do with hip hop – that’s where they came from. Indeed, they are common amongst hip hop stars and their fans. It’s the dress code. But this form of clothing has broken barriers and made its way to other spheres. Skateboarders, skiers are among a few other groups that are doing tall tees big time. Tall t-shirts are also a great addition to your everyday streetwear collection. You want to wear this tee with skinny jeans. If you’re not the kind that loves plain colors, you can choose from a variety of sophisticated prints. You simply have no shortage of styles to try out with a good tall tee. You can find some good tall tees here.


Wear it Oversizedv48ati-l-610x610-jeans-phoenixclothing-streetfashion-fashion-denim-bikerjeans-bikerdenim-pants-oversize-olivebeige-beige-longshirt-rounded-sweater-grey-striped-stripes-greycharcoal-phoenix-stre

If you have spent hundreds of hours in the gym getting sculpted so you can look wonderful with a slim Henley T-Shirt, that’s amazing. But streetwear style is baggy and shapeless. That’s awkward, right? But try inserting various pieces of clothing into your outfit, preferably in layers. A pair of knee-length shorts will suffice. If you’re wearing a shirt, have at least one button undone to keep that polo t-shirt you’re wearing inside loose.


Make a Statement

Streetwear style happens to be a sub-cultural affair, created by anti-establishment punks. That means it’s one style that isn’t afraid of grabbing attention, and neither should you. You should sport that old slogan or phrase that means something to you. But how do you just do that without looking like a misguided kid? Consider pairing great tailoring with sneakers, a cap, and a couple of t-shirts covered with assorted phrases or labels. All this contrast will work and look great.



There’s no shortage of high-end sweatpants available from various top brands. These make incorporating an aspect of streetwear style to your outfit subtle business. The sweatpant should be worn with a T-Shirt and some bright sneakers to add some casual swagger to the appeal. It also goes well with a baggy, oversized shirt.


Baseball Caps

You probably already know that baseball caps are a streetwear style essential. Of course, they have been banned from most runways sometimes ago, but they have been a serious comeback to the street. You may wear a baseball cap with a tailored jacket, comprising jeans and sneakers. The world still isn’t ready for a baseball cap worn with a 3-piece suit.



There’s no disputing the fact that military surplus has had a huge impact on streetwear style. Choosing a good piece of camouflage clothing might be all you need to add streetwear style to your wardrobe. Camouflage clothing blends in with the surroundings and comes across the board as mighty flexible. Go for a single piece of camouflage as a splash of color on navy tailoring.


Streetwear Style Signposts

We could continue highlighting specific pieces of clothing that contribute to the streetwear style. But there would be no end to it. Below are some signposts that’ll get you to choose right.

  • Fabrics – before you even think of gong for any other material, know that cotton is king. Go for classic cotton textiles such as jersey, chambray, Oxford cloth, twill, etc. In addition to being top-quality, these look straight-up great on streetwear style clothing.
  • Shape – when it comes to the shape, you want to focus on baggy shirts, slightly loose-fitting chinos, and bennies. You get the point, right? If you’re looking to settle on something more complimentary, dropped crotches and long line cuts will suffice.
  • Consistency – streetwear style is a diverse domain, and you want to stick to one specific choice. Mixing styles can be a winning combination, but it can give you that off-look especially if you’re not doing it right. So narrow down your focus and keep it there.

With the information you have in this article, you can get started in the crippling world of streetwear style. Take your time and experiment with different pieces to see what looks great on you!

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Tall Tee Tips

6300005019910_-_feat2616For years – even decades – finding attractive clothing for tall and large people was a real hassle.

Most of the clothing available in stores was either too unattractive for their body shape, or too uncomfortable to wear. But tall tees are easily available nowadays. You can choose from a variety of designs and work towards a style that looks unique and great on you. Below are some essential tall tee tips to guide you.





A. Good if you’re tall

Keep in mind that long tees are ideal for taller people. If you’re short and are wearing a tall tee up to your knees, it’s 2016-mens-big-and-tall-clothing-designerprobably not going to look too good on you. Hip hop artists and fans are a very fond of long t-shirts. This is because they are often associated with the gangster image. And just like any other genres of music, hip-hop has its dress code. Long tees can be worn on as stagewear, sportswear, and streetwear interchangeably. So if you’re tall or are a hip hop fan, you can start experimenting with different outfits with the tall tee as the basic.

B. Extensive Layering

Extensive layering is perhaps the coolest (and biggest) street fashion trend out there. The point is to tuck 2-3 layers and maintain them at different lengths to get an ideal effect. To do this, you’ll need some tall tees that look distinctively great when worn one on top of the other. You’ll probably want to complete this look with skinny jeans, or some panel shorts. Panel shorts add some extra depth to the outfit and make it stand out.

C. Sophisticated Prints

Not too long ago, tall tee streetwear was dominated by logo hats, plain logos, and other similar graphics.  But the era of just symbols appears to be fading. There’s more emphasis on shape and fit, as well as creative additions to the typical long tee. For instance, digital prints with amazing artwork are a long stretch from traditional logo prints. They greatly enhance the look and appeal of your tee. So you might probably want to think outside the box and try out some sophisticated prints to make your unique style even more distinctive.

D. Don’t overdo

The main thing that people do wrong when it comes to tall tees is trying too hard and overdoing it. First things first, if you have a beer belly, it might not look as cool. You need to have a trimmer waist cut. Long t-shirts also look better if you’re taller. You definitely want to wear something that makes you look leaner and longer, as opposed to chunkier and shorter. If you want to know what length works great for you, measure it underneath your butt. This might sound weird but it’s easy to remember, so keep that in mind.

E. Shop from a variety

There’s nothing wrong with buying your tee from a local shop. But unless you have a lot of time to spare, you might just be better off buying online here. Think about it this way – buying fashion online is convenient. You can do it tall-tee-all-bannerfrom anywhere, anytime. You also have an unlimited variety to choose from, as compared to visiting just one local fashion shop. You can take your time to evaluate various tall tee designs, and figure out what exactly you want to go with. Most fashion e-commerce sites will allow you to choose what design you are looking for. You might also be able to specify the prints, fonts, and basically everything else to do with your tee. Make a point to check out the material of the t-shirt. You want to settle on good quality stuff that won’t start fading after a short while. Most sellers include detailed information regarding the materials used, and how to care for the tee. Use the size charts provided on the product page to go for a size that’s ideal for you.


There are a lot of people who love tall tees but simply don’t know how to make the best out of this style. There are others who think it’s horrible, simply because they haven’t learned enough about it. In the past, tall t-shirts were associated with the street corner drug dealers. Those days are gone, though, and this is one of the most vibrant fashion trends today. When choosing, make sure you settle on a length that’s ideal for you. Also, be open to styles and try to see some good in it before you judge.